Our Team



Dawn Sonntag

Dawn Sonntag is an entrepreneurial business professional. She has an extensive background in marketing and sales in the medical/technology community, and a passion for providing communication services to the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and those with Audio Processing Disorders. 

Dawn is also TypeWell trained and qualified and has provided live and remote services to hundreds of students at various colleges, businesses, and associations throughout the U.S. and the U.K. She is considered one of the top Amara and CPC (Closed Captioning & Subtitling Software) trainers and strives for 100% accuracy. Dawn is a huge proponent of instilling an internal captioning culture for all learning environments. 

She is also a former Director of Medical Transcription for South Coast College and was part of the Adjunct Faculty at Harper College teaching Healthcare Technology and Informatics and Medical Transcription. 

In her spare time Dawn is mom to two, a fitness and nutritional guru, and enjoys giving back through various charitable organizations.




Amy Nemeroff

Amy began as a Medical Transcriptionist and after 16 years experience in that field, she completed TypeWell training to become a qualified captionist. Amy has worked  for Deaf and/or Hard of Hearing students and co-workers in classrooms, committee meetings, events, seminars and orientations. She also produces Closed-Captioned/Subtitled instructional media - DVDs, YouTube, & streaming videos for use in classrooms.

Amy is also a trained chiropractic therapist and loves spending time with her family.